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 I love to get lost in a good book, especially ones that challenge and allow you to escape into another world!

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My Top 10 Reads in 2013

The Siren  - Tiffany Reisz Rock Chick Revolution - Kristen Ashley Beyond Eden - Kele Moon Surviving Raine - Shay Savage A Song for Julia  - Charles Sheehan-Miles Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde Captive in the Dark  - C.J. Roberts Undeniable  - Madeline Sheehan The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel - Kristen Ashley

I’ve read 200+ books according to my 2013 Goodreads Book Challenge and at least 100 of them I’ve rated between 4 – 5 stars.  That means there are a lot of great books that aren’t mentioned here. I've managed to squeeze in more than 10 books by including series. The stand out discovery for me this year has been The Original Sinners Series, which I found to be one of the most entertaining and witty reads this year!


In no particular order, apart from The Original Sinners, here is My Top 10 books read in 2013:


  • The Original Sinners by Tiffany Reisz  - It was a friend recommendation that lead me to read The Siren and I wasted no time between devouring my way through as many books as possible in this series. Ms Reisz recounts the joys, anguish and rewards enjoyed by all those Nora and Soren reach out to.   There are numerous short stories free on Tiffany Reisz’s website to be read in between books and each shine a new light on the characters.  Now, I wait not so patiently, keeping busy by reading through the series again, until the release of The Saint.  


  • Rock Chicks by Kristen Ashley - Originally I assumed that the Rock Chicks series was about a band, but I smirk now that I know it’s not (well, except for one book).  A series that has kept me entertained this year and I was both excited and sad to read the last book.  Each book builds upon the next and by the time you reach Rock Chick Revolution (Book #8), you feel like you’re spending time with old friends.  Music plays a big part of Kristen’s stories and that goes for these books as well.  It’s fun to be reminded of a moment in a story by a song and I love the way it transports you back to the character and story it was highlighted in.  I would happily go back and read this series again!


  • Beyond Eden by Kele Moon –This was a book of the month choice that turned out to be a wonderful surprise.  It reminded me of the Original Sinners books but unique in its own way.  A story that depicts that being true to yourself, is just as important as friendship, honesty and loyalty.  Beyond Eden illustrated to me that three doesn't always have to constitute a crowd.


  • Surviving Raine by Shay Savage - Told from a male POV, Surviving Raine is a refreshing and blunt and raw account of a voyage that goes terribly wrong. The banter between the two main characters grew naturally over what seemed like a short period of time but never rushed.  Bastian and Raine are two very different people, together out of circumstance.  They push each other to distraction but their journey is not one to be missed. Hoping we don’t have to wait long for the next book in this series.


  • Thompson Sisters Series by Charles Sheehan – Miles  The series covers the plight a diplomat’s family and lives of their daughters as they gain their independence.  They are all depicted individually, masterfully entwining the family's story throughout the series.  Series includes: A Song for Julia, Falling Stars (a novella, I’m yet to read), Just Remember to Breathe and The Last Hour.


  • Reapers Property by Joanna Wylde – One word, Horse!  Seriously, I think this book is one of the few books that other Motorcycle Club / Biker books are measured against.  It doesn’t sugar coat, it’s edgy and it has one unsuspecting woman entwined in a world that she never chose through the connections her brother makes. Family and loyalty are defined again and again as the story is told.  I’m looking forward to the next book in the series due out in 2014.


  • The Dark Duet by CJ Roberts – A dark read, that involves human trafficking, in a world devoid of concern for the victims. Caleb is a character that trains others for control, yet he himself lacks the freedom he strips his captives of.  Somehow, I felt instant empathy for the two main characters, not always at the same time but I hoped all the way through the three books in this series that they could escape the inevitable.  Can’t wait for the spin off series that will see the return of Agent Reid, he has a story that is begging to be told. This series includes:  Captive in the Dark #1, Seduced in the Dark #2 and Epilogue #3


  • Undeniable Series by Madeline Sheehan – A MC / Biker book that again stood out for me this year. It deals with situations that made me shudder, crazy characters that I struggled to understand let alone condone their actions.  It begins with Eva 5,meeting Deuce 23, when they are both visiting their fathers in prison. They connect and form a bond that follows them as Eva grows from a carefree child to a curious teenager.  They sporadically catch up with each other through club gatherings and their relationship deepens to a point of that is undeniable.  Club, personal and family circumstance work against what makes sense and horrific situations dictate what is to be. Series includes: Undeniable #1, Unbeautifully #2 and Unattainable # 3.  I understand that books #4 & #5 are due for release in 2014.


  • Love Me With Lies by Tarryn Fisher – A common theme with books that I enjoyed this year, was reading books I’d hesitated to read for one reason or another.  I think the titles themselves, proved to be daunting enough to have me wary of what they included. This series is one about the other woman, the trouble is some of the characters are yet to determine who the other woman is. Series includes: The Opportunist #1, Dirty Red #2 and Thief #3 


  • Chaos Series by Kristen Ashley – This is the spin off series from Motorcycle Man and being the first MC Book I read, it holds a special place on my virtual bookshelf.  The Chaos series focuses on the rest of the Allen Family and their lives in the Chaos MC.  Like the Rock Chick Series, there’s a common thread that runs through Kristen’s books that I just can’t get enough of.  To date, this series includes: Own The Wind#1 and Fire Inside#2 and there’s more to come but release dates are yet to be advised.