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CLUB TIES (The Trinity Falls Series) - Mara McBain

Mox and Eva make an interesting couple.  Eva's easy to love and she turns out to be a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately Rocco, a cruel underworld boss, without a caring bone in his body, wants his toy back and when he does there's a good chance he plans to break her all over again.  He’s a poor excuse for a man and he will stop at nothing to 'save face' and get her back.


Eva finds love like nothing she has ever dreamed of with the trinity falls MC.  Instantly accepted, it just up to her to accept their love and support.


Club Ties is a continuation from the first book and it’s necessary to be familiar with the story so far to be able to get into this book. I had to stop at about 5% and go back and read the first book again to refresh my memory of the characters and storyline.  That made all the difference and I found myself hooked from that moment on.


Eva is a great gutsy character but her self doubting got a little frustrating after a while. I found this easy to overlook and understood, just wished her self doubting could have been toned down more.


This is a book that doesn't shy away from some pretty horrific drama.  There's some horrid imagery portrayed and there's no doubt in the reader's mind of the peril that Eva and those that help her are in.


Read November 2013