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 I love to get lost in a good book, especially ones that challenge and allow you to escape into another world!

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Shades of Pink - Various Authors

Shades of Pink  - Various

Concept and generous contributions from the authors, is to be applauded. I look forward to returning to the short stories in between other books.


My aim is to read the short stories in-between books, eventually working my way through this collection.  As I’ve read more stories, I’ll update this review.  Once I've read the complete collection, I'll put up my rating.





Olivia by Madeline Sheehan - An interesting story, didn't take me to where I thought it was heading.  Olivia is quite mysterious to start off with, and then she shares and shares more at the same time as not telling you much at all.  The final chapter has Olivia realising an important life lesson that allows her to make pop choice she's probably been avoiding.  Olivia’s story is one that I am keen to hear more of.


Avoiding Commitment (Jack's POV) by KA Linde - This was the first story I read out of this collection and I loved hearing Jack's POV.  Another nice teaser and made even sweeter, knowing Bek was nowhere to be seen.  Counting down until Avoiding Temptation is released!


Blood Lust by DJ Shaw - An OK story, felt like it was just the beginning of another story, maybe not quite enough to entice me to read on but who knows!