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Jagged - Kristen Ashley


Read September 2013

ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review


A beautiful story that captured me from the moment my heart skipped a beat as I read the dedication to Maryse... 

The Cinder sisters turned their back on the dysfunctional family as soon as they could. Zara Cinder has had more luck than her sister in their short lives. And just when you thought the past is way behind you, it has a way of creeping back in again. 

Graham Reece or 'Ham' as he is known to Zara has been playing it safe for some time. Ham and Zara have been friends, friends with benefits for some time. Their friendship is far from shallow, they're always there for each other but there's no commitment.   And commitment is what is missing in Zara's life.  Zara accepts an offer that she can't refuse from Ham when her world is suddenly turned upside down.  

Ham has a no-nonsense approach to getting issues sorted and his approach is not soothing the concerns of her friends and they let him know in a not so subtle way. Gnaw Bone is a close knit town and Zara is surrounded by people that care, people that make sure that they look out for each other.   Sometimes they may just go a little over the top in their quest to do so, but never do they do so out of any reason than care and concern. 

Maybelle has a knack of summing up situations beautifully.  Her dialogue alone would constitute the 'sparknotes' material for the first part of this book, cracking me up with her 'so let me get this straight' moments.  Between her and Arlene, it’s a miracle any man would be game to attempt to surpass the scrutiny of these gals!


Some of the memorable moments as I read, had me:


Hiding…when they had words, words that cut deep


Cringing…when his ‘run’ ended too quickly and he decreed that that would be the last time he’d endure 'that' under his roof! That was just ‘awkward’


Smiling…Dinner at ‘The Rooster’ – classy, well mostly!


Tearing up…keeping memories alive and being able to share them especially in the ‘cool’ moments


Impressed…the ‘vault’


Swooning...when actions speak louder than words


Melting…when she felt on her cheek


Contented…with another wonderful epilogue


Kristen Ashley has a knack of making you feel like you've come home each time you delve into one of her books and Jagged is no different.  So many familiar characters including Arlene through to Jimmy Cotton! They're there in an unobtrusive way, having you smile as they share their opinions along the way!