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Exposure  - Iris Blaire

I really enjoyed this book, but I want to point out that the characters overshadowed what in my opinion was a pretty unbelievable basis for a book, being set in a college.   Maybe this is just my ignorance, but I’d be blown away if it was common practice! 

Great characters, that were easy to relate to and being able to connect with Rylan / Evan and Dallas early on in the story, set up my ability to over think what they were actually up to.  




Rylan and Dallas are both driven by their ambition, talents and enjoyment in doing what they do well.  Both want to work in a way that is tasteful and provides an outlet for the artistic vision the team have.  A challenging feat in the industry they have chosen to work within, with one trying to maintain anonymity and the other blasé.  A combination between friends that has the potential to implode, but it doesn’t. Their work pays well, it’s not time consuming and it provides a good work / study balance for the girls.  But there's no such thing as easy money or emotional detachment, especially when you work as close as they do to temptation.


The cover says it all! It really was a steamy fun read, fueled by the fact that Rylan is behaving in a risqué manner that's not evident to the broader student body.  Read this quickly and was keen to start the next book in this series straight away!