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The Last Hour  - Charles Sheehan-Miles

The Last Hour has been sitting there waiting for me to pick up and read for some time. Why did I wait?  I knew I needed to be in the right head space. And it was the best call I could have made. The journey that this book took me on what was akin to an emotional roller coaster ride.   


A beautiful story of living your life to the fullest, with honesty, honoring mate-ship and always being there for the ones you love or need your love.  It was about taking the right path, no matter how difficult it appeared.


The Kleenex were close at hand, I knew I was going to need them, but what I was not prepared for was, that it took me beyond tears, to the point I had to remove my makeup because it was stinging my eyes while I was sobbing. It was the raw and beautiful unconditional love that was pouring out of the characters that really set me off!


I'm not one for military based stories, but Charles with his brilliant writing style, kept me invested in this story, never skimming the sections that were in that zone.  This just goes to show a talented writer can take you anywhere they want, when they utilise their ability to tell a story that generates emotion and connection no matter what the subject matter.


Highly recommend this book, it's one you'll need to absorb slowly, with Kleenex in reach, rewarding you with a truly, memorable story.