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Convicted  - Aleatha Romig

“Are you going to be alright?” Claire shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess time will tell.”


Bookmarks were placed, everything else was put on hold as soon as Convicted was released!  It’s been an eternity waiting to get my hands on this book and I have a sneaking suspicion that Aleatha rather enjoyed her readers agonising as they anticipated what might be.  Sleuthing, swooning and just having the best year long discussion in The Consequences Series: Group Reads, Group Therapy & Group Hugs!’ support group.  The wonderful group of readers led by Searock; Pamela; R and Cathy who helped the distraught wade through the dark and disturbing memories that many were trying to compartmentalise




Throughout the Consequences series, Claire has gradually grown stronger and stronger with each scenario she encounters. 


"A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it's in hot water" - Eleanor Roosevelt


The emotional scars that remained, the triumphs experienced, will provide the protection and power to see Claire through whatever the future may hold for her.  She has always appreciated the simple beauty in life, her ability to adapt well to her surroundings, where ever that may be, helping her to arise above each and every moment.


 “She knew all about rules and how to follow them. Oh, it was true that, in the past, she’d made mistakes – used poor judgment - or made poor decisions – decisions that resulted in unfavorable consequences.  That’s what Tony taught her – behaviors had consequences.”


Emily and John play a pivotal role in Claire’s life as we join her again in Convicted.  They are both determined to nurture and protect Claire to the end.  There's a fine line between caring and controlling, and this has been an ongoing feature in Claire's life.  Having had a taste of independence, you would think nothing could keep Claire from the dreams that bring her such joy and colour into her world.  Now trapped yet again by circumstance, it will be her ability to take on challenges while remembering the importance of maintaining appearances, that will catch the unsuspecting off guard, as she executes her power with finesse.  Support has always surrounded Claire, whether that came from her inner strength or devoted friends.  Now she was about to see the depth of that devotion.


“Those who have trusted where they ought not, will surely mistrust where they ought not." - Marie von Ebnuer-Eschenbach”


What amazed me as I read Convicted, was that my feelings towards a certain man have taken a dramatic back flip and incredibly had me wishing for the unthinkable.  Then, the ‘one’ in shining armour started to look like he needed a polish!  Characters that needed to redeem themselves were given the opportunity to do so, even when I didn’t realize that there was a need to.  Too quick to assume who was and wasn’t innocent previously, there was plenty of time to redeem any condemnations I had bestowed upon the undeserving, as the final story unfolded.  I would have put money on the fact that my mind was set, no one could change it, but then I hadn’t encountered the mastery of Aleatha’s writing ability before. 


I read slowly, devouring, savouring each page and chapter as I processed the answers to the twisted tale that was now drawing to a close.  With the retribution that had slowly played out over the last two books, we finally see the 'rationale' behind the unthinkable. A truly dark read that did my head in at times, well delivered and probably one of the few series that I’m glad I read it as it was released.  Normally if I knew I was in for a story such as this,  I would want the next book without delay, waiting until the entire series was released before starting.   Nothing was taken away from the experience by waiting, I actually enjoyed the preparation of reading the first two books again, through the wisdom of knowing what I knew, in preparation for the release of Convicted. Rewarded for our patience, in a way I never anticipated, it was through Conviction, that we learned the Truth and thankfully Consequences were dished out to the deserving.

Read October 13, 2013