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Bold Tricks - The Artists Trilogy # 3

Bold Tricks  - Karina Halle

A good story doesn't always take you where you want it to go but it is still able to keep you entertained.   The Artists Trilogy had me invested in Ellie’s story right from the first chapter and I had high hopes for the Queen of Con. 

I have to keep reminding myself, I was Team Ellie and at the end of the day, I'm confident that Ellie came out of her journey, as unscathed as possible.  Maybe that’s just the problem, I was probably hoping for a bit more badass than I received.  What enthralled me about Ellie, is that in the previous books in this series, she doesn’t always make the best decisions.  Her choices were about survival, revenge all while doing it with little regard for her better interests.


Non-stop action, there is never a dull moment with Ellie, her whole life has been a magnet for trouble. Now in Bold Tricks, she has the choice between light and dark or more aptly Camden and Javier.  Both men love her in their own way in my opinion.  Neither have limitations to achieving their ultimate goals or her alliegance.


“The plan? You’re not in charge of the plan, angel.  If you want my help, then you’re doing it my way”


A dark story that includes a brutal character sacrifice or two, that took me by surprise.  One character in particular, brought an interesting mix to the plot and then ‘that’ happened and I was just blown away by their ‘ending’.  Survival takes on strange bedfellows in this story, enemies working together to get the job done.  Only problem is that their not all aware of each other’s ultimate plans.


Dealing with the underground, in a foreign land, where corruption is the norm, makes for a dangerous trip.  This was never going to be a holiday though, it was a get in and get out situation.  No one ran this by the powers ‘to be’ and Ellie has a lot to contend with before she can hope for any sort of peace.


“Angel, angel, angel.” While shaking his head back and forth.  “I only knew the…fetus…compared to the woman you could be.” He looked at me sharply.  “What a fucking disappointment you are.”


This wasn’t my favourite book in the Artists Trilogy.  Why?  I’m pretty sure early on, I guessed who it would ‘be’, just not how it would pan out.  What kept me from rating this higher was more about the anticipation I had for Ellie to continue to not follow convention, to shock me and in the end not feel any need to justify her actions beyond her own convictions.  It seemed that Ellie, Camden and Javier were a little too accepting of their roles.


 Overall this has been one of my favourite series and I feel that Bold Tricks ended the trilogy well.  For a series to resonate with me I don’t have to be happy with an ending, it’s more about the journey in between.  And that with The Artists Trilogy…I have adored.


Read October 16, 2013