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Beyond Eden  - Kele Moon

Beyond Eden was the September ‘book of the month’ for Sinners & Sirens - A Tiffany Reisz Fan Club and thank you to 'Optimist’ for suggesting this book! 

Beyond Eden is the story of Eve, Paul & Danny, life long friends who happen to reconnect after having not seen each other in years, through Danny and Eve’s chance meeting. Now adults, there is a lot more to Danny and Paul and they are conflicted as to whether to enlighten Eve or not.


“You two are like a very twisted version of the odd couple” Eve said with a soft smile. “It’s sweet”


Danny’s motivation to rekindle the trio’s friendship is drawn from personal motivation.  Danny sees his world in Black and White, it’s that straight forward, in control and always striving for the greater good, you just question who’s going to benefit from his grand plan.


Paul is determined to please in life and the lengths he is prepared to go to, to achieve this troubles Danny.  Danny hopes that Eve will be the one to save him from what appears to be his misguided decision.


“Tasting what could have been—what should have been—didn't make it easier.”


Knowledge is a powerful tool, a dangerous and enriching gift, one that Eve will need to decide how and if she will utilise this, staying true to herself and loyal to the ones she loves.  A ménage that to the unassuming onlooker has the elements of a cold and calculating basis, self obsession on the surface, but beneath lays a complicated scaffold of love, trust and oddly betrayal to some extent, whether that is to self or others.


“I’ve corrupted you” he said with a bitter laugh as he put out his cigarette. “It’s what I do”


Danny has taken a sabbatical, to live this year to the fullest and is determined to do whatever it takes to make it a year to sustain through the unknown.  Maybe even tempt the participants to commit beyond. He knows his friends well and manipulates them accordingly. Although, it is ultimately love and loyalty that provide the fuel to power Danny, Paul & Eve’s new found relationship and they embark on a rollercoaster of emotions as they try to desperately to create a ‘haven’ of their own.  A relationship paradox that combines humility, obedience and a master who selflessly pushes those in his command to the limits that he knows they can sustain.


Eve is rebellious by nature.  Danny doesn’t negotiate.  Paul will not concede. Together this provides a potentially volatile combination for an entertaining and emotional backdrop to Beyond Eden

Read September 03, 2013