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Reading for the second time, September 2013


This is my second reading of Consequences and I find myself searching for clues I missed, definitely a more analytical approach this time!  He was so calculating, I wondered 'what if' but with the knowledge that I'd acquired in reading the Truth, my connection with all characters was definitely influenced in varying degrees.  What intrigued me, is that I wasn't as shocked, nor did I have the same disdain for Tony the second time I read Consequences. Still convinced that Tony is a character that suffers from major issues, not limited to his temper or violent outbursts and definitely not worthy of Claire.


I can now see Claire is trying harder than I thought to find her way out.  Reading with wisdom of 'Truth' behind me, I understand now that Claire has limited control and a perceived lack of freedom. Claire is astute and uses this to her best advantage, frugally and bravely.


The error in judgment that Claire's observers failed to foresee, was how she would respond when cornered.  Never before had she been placed in a situation that had tested her resilience to such a degree.  This along with the important lessons that will be taught ironically renewed hope in me that public failure is not an option and there are consequences!  I'm pinning my hopes on Truth.