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 I love to get lost in a good book, especially ones that challenge and allow you to escape into another world!

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دعاء الأنبياء والصالحين - Muhammad Mutawalli Ash-Sha'raawi Wow, what a beginning, definitely not easy material to process, but I was glad I persisted! Again, this will be a hard book to review to write, and I'll hopefully manage not to add in any spoilers.

Morgan relives the horrors or a marriage she never willingly entered. Retold in all its disturbing, traumatic and inhuman detail. Deprived of the basic human needs while in opulent surroundings. To outsiders, all would seem well for Morgan and Drew, a truly deceptive public image.

Reasoning behind the plot is slowly revealed, through flashbacks and recollections shared by Morgan. I was captivated from the start of this story. Loathing Drew and his sidekick Derek, I had empathy and respect for the sheer ability of Morgan to endure life's cruel hand it had dealt her.

Aptly titled 'Underestimated' takes you from one emotion to the next, not knowing what ending you want for Morgan, right up to the last 90%. The author skilfully took me on an unwilling journey initially, through conflicting emotions and confused sense of right and wrong. Trust, friendship and a loving family aren't too much to ask for, are they?

This story contains non-consensual situations that epwere difficult to read, but were pivotal to the plot and although hard to get through, I doubt the story would have been as meaningful without them. An erotic story, with a surprising romantic lusty twist that struggles to break through the web of deceit created by more than one character.