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Love Unrehearsed (Love, #2) - Tina Reber Connected with the characters and enjoyed the storyline but found the writing tended to be in the moment one time, then suddenly jump ahead hours / days / months -leaving some scenes a bit up in the air.
Love unrehearsed is the second book in this series and I must admit to being slightly distracted by the festive season demands ( shopping, Christmas gatherings, etc) whilst reading this book. Frustratingly not being able to read as much as I would normally do so!
Hearthrob actor Ryan Christianson, finds his solace and direction through a chance meeting with a publican Taryn Mitchell. Living life in a fishbowl, constantly being hounded by adoring ( sometimes obsessed) fans, paparazzi and staff that put their own personal intersts ahead of their client's, make for one stressful world. Ryan is ever the romantic, but struggles with the attention he receives being a famous person. Taryn has taken over the running of her late father's pub and has sworn off relationships after a heartbreaking breakup. Friends make up for the void of family and life is pretty smooth until Ryan comes into their lives.
It would be great to see the storyline expanded for both Jimmy and Joe, may be we could be treated to a book each from their POV..?