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 I love to get lost in a good book, especially ones that challenge and allow you to escape into another world!

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Rock Her - Liz  Thomas I persevered with this story as it came recommended. It's the story of Kip a rocker that's an ex marine. Along comes Annie who agrees to write his biography. She doesn't 'do' rockers, he's a guy who never has trouble impressing anyone let alone the ladies. Initially I downloaded the free portion of this book and was intrigued to continue and purchased the full book. From the continuation of where the free section ended, the book changed for me but I continued.
Where this didn't work for me was that i enjoy a book with angst and i just didn't feel any with this book. The lusty moments felt a little bit too 'text book' and Kip's actions were a bit on the 'gung-ho' side for me. His attitude was cocky, always the hero which tended to be a bit overdone. Maybe being on holidays and catching up on a lot of books has made me a bit harsh with this review. I did like the songs referenced through out and had fun checking them out :)