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A Happy Accident - Evan Tyler I was sent this book by the author in return for an honest review.

Wow, don't let the slow start to this story put you off reading it, once the story line is in full swing, there'll be an appreciation for that initial journey that you were taken on! It's a story of passion, not of the 'steamy' variety but rather a passion that quenches the desire to be whom we want to be. There's so much to take in, in this story, that I'm not sure where to begin, not wanting to to divulge too much, but here goes!

A Happy Accident starts off with a harrowing prologue, a scene depicting a 7 year old child discovering her dead mother, trying desperately to 'wake' her. The aftermath of witnessing such an horrific scene, was that the child loses her sight, becoming blind as a result of shock. The story then picks up before the child was born, taking you to a time before she was even a glint in the eyes of her parents.

The prologue had me captured. The first chapter then immerses you into the complex world of the main characters. I was taken reluctantly on their journey of discovery, slowly being introduced to Kindle and Bobby. Initially, I found myself picking up, then putting down this book in the early stages, needing to reflect and digest what I just read.

The story focuses on Bobby aka Ricky Stallion. Bobby travels from the US to the UK with his band- Dare, to crack the punk scene. The band are ticked off when Bobby is distracted by what he recognises as the true love of his life- 'Kindle', he just needs to convince her that he is hers! He is determined to be patient giving her time to recognise what is blatantly obvious to him.

Living in a fantasy world, Bobby is full of ideals that he has nurtured since childhood. He appears dreamlike, yet so attuned to his desired destination. "My name is Bobby, but my stage name is Ricky Stallion." On stage Ricky emulates the talented musicians he looks up to, in stark contrast to Bobby the 'boy' Kindle meets after his performance.

Kindle couldn't help but notice him, she gives him the name blazoned on his tshirt 'Real' as she observes him from a distance. He on the other hand follows her, with the close proximity of a 'singlet', finally approaching her, with an out of the blue marriage proposal! Is he for real? Kindle questions his sanity and thus begins Bobby's guarded introduction. The immaturity of both characters at this stage, led to me not feeling that initial buzz of connection, but this was to be short lived.

Throughout the story, snippets from both the past and present are there in the form of flashbacks, taking me a while to adjust to the throngs of going back and forth. It did however, provide a deeper understanding of the characters, adding to the beauty of the story. A story that deals with passion influenced by idealism, temptation and acceptance as two people journey through to adulthood. A journey that doesn't always bring contentment...."Children know what they want,” he said. “It’s adults who don’t, I think.”.

A well rounded ending, that leaves you keen for more but without too much of a a cliff hanger, merely an intriguing reveal of the continuing storyline building up in this trilogy. Its a book that could well stimulate discussion and debate, over the numerous challenges the characters face. The first 10% influenced my 4 star rating, with the rest of the book being closer to 5 stars.

A chapter from second book in the trilogy 'A Blind Choice' is included after the epilogue and from what It reveals, it appears we're in for another great read!