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Wanderlust - Skye Warren It took me a while to connect to Hunter, but maybe that's what the author intended. By the end of the book, I think I almost felt empathy for him and that just seems so wrong.
I stayed with this book because it had so many good ratings and I wasn't disappointed. It was more the nature of the story and the cold way Evie was treated, how unlucky cold one girl be to encounter so many unscrupulous people? Evie almost seemed numb to life itself while at the same time she followed her dreams or dreamed about doing so. Her barriers to freedom almost seemed to be psychological ones created by the people that were supposed to care for her and as a reader, I found that to be a bit frustrating.
So I'm not sure whether I've rated this book three stars for the story, Hunter or the way I cringed at the abuse. What I'm trying to say is maybe my rating is more my reaction to the story rather than the calibre of the book.