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Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles # 1) by Amelia Hutchins

Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1) - Amelia Hutchins

Synthia (Sin) and her team have been given a new mission.  A mission that will be dangerous, test their limits and ultimately their loyalty.


Having endured the horrendous death of her parents at a young age and her one true love die, she feels totally abandoned accept for her Coven.  Together they embark on their latest mission, a dangerous one that will put them in reach of the people that Sin despises, the Fae.

Ryder is Fae and a cocky, self assured player.  Sin is doing her best to get the job done, remaining true to her mission.  There's just too much at stake not too.
Much is unknown to the players in this battle, even to themselves.  It will be through the understanding of what is and accepting destiny that the fight some are focusing on is a mere distraction to the bigger picture yet to be revealed.

Deception, bitterness and prejudice guide the controllers and the controlled in this story, with fairness seeming to take a back step in this suspenseful journey.  There were plenty of moments, where I cringed and squirmed, then conceded to the heat of the moment.  It was wrong but it was destiny.

The final scene, is major...leaving you wondering what on earth is happening, just when you thought there may be some respite to the chaos surrounding Sin.


Read June 2013


The next book, Taunting Destiny -The Fae Chronicles #2 is available now.