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Beauty and the Bad Boy (Bad Boy #1) - Scarlett Dupree 2.5 stars
I wanted to finish this story, to know the ending, so that's why I gave this story 2.5 stars. Not sure what pulled me to continue reading, but there was something, I just can't pin point what it was! What I missed in this story was angst (within the main relationship) and more story between the 'steam'.

Dakota was more sassy and badass than Jake the 'bad boy'. She kicked ass and was very independent, she seemed very distant to her own emotions being able to switch from one situation to another with ease, where I would have expected a bit more anguish.

Jake seemed to have an underpinning 'feminine' way of expressing himself for a biker, flourishing descriptive thoughts, narrated a lot of the chapters written from his POV. I found this in conflict with the short mentions of the mayhem and dealing he was involved in. A very needy character, that was constantly requiring reassurance.

My only knowledge of badass bikers is from the biker books that I've read and enjoyed, but IMHO terms like 'gang rather than club' and 'birdie' just didn't resonate as language a bikie would use.

I think this story would have been much more enjoyable had it not been set in a biker world, because I don't think I wouldn't have been as critical in my review if i wasn't looking for a MC storyline. It's was a story of love, loss and separation with the main characters caught up in the despair of a world of chaos and disloyalty.