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Beneath the Burn - Pam Godwin I'm torn as to how to approach this review, I went from being bored to not wanting to stop reading a number of times. Hopefully, I'll be able to convey why without using spoilers!

Story starts off with Jay, a troubled talented Rock Star; Charlee, a captivating tattoo artist and Noah, her police officer boyfriend. In the background, you have Jay's band, The Burn and Noah's colleagues at the station. Roy, is the obsessed, powerful company owner, very wealthy and controlling player that Charlee has been on the run from for 4 years.

The story goes back and forth between Charlee's time in and out of freedom, her survival of both situations and the deep psychological scars that this has left her with, her one ray of hope is seeing the scars of another's abuse and being able to see those scars as a celebration of survival. Calling on that image, Charlee finds strength in that memory and some how uses it to endure the most difficult moments in her life.

Where the story left me bored, was the lengthy scenes of either abuse and sex, both in consensual and non consensual situations. It just either became tedious or too intense, in my opinion. The drama, as it unfolded tended to be quick in contrast to the rest of the story, I would have loved to hear a little more of the perpetrator's prospective and use that to build up the suspense a little more. Found at times it was predictable, which doesn't always need to be an issue, but I do love been kept on edge, enjoying the twists and turns that have you second guessing the possible outcomes of the storyline.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the book overall and was keen to finish it, but I was left with a feeling of 'if onlys', that could have easily raised this to a 4 star read for me. Be warned, this book does contain graphic descriptions, not one for the faint hearted!