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 I love to get lost in a good book, especially ones that challenge and allow you to escape into another world!

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Razing Kayne  - Julieanne Reeves Razing Kayne is a story based on a horrific event that took Kayne's wife and three children from him. Kayne is a police officer and he chose that profession because he was drawn to help others. Jess is a widow of a local fireman and is nowmraising her 4 children alone and doing a great job at making hers and many other unfortunate children's lives a little bit belter

While Kayne tries to get on with life, he deals with the issues of relationships and a past that won't let go.

A quick paced book up until about 85% then ironically, as the drama started to really kick in, the pace slowed down some.

Hard to say much more than what I've said without using spoilers, but its s good story, dealing with a horrendous tragedy that still manages to include some light moments, beauty and steam! Kayne is a gorgeous guy that you just want things to go right for.