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Arsen - Mia Asher How do you go from almost shelving a book to absolutely loving it? Because that's what happened to me with Arsen!

What had me considering that this maybe not for me was the chapters that took you back to the past. I just found those chapters were a little slow paced and I really just wanted to get back to what I considered the main story. Now I'm finished, I'm glad I didn't ignore them but wonder if I could have appreciated Ben and Cathy's story of how they met and the instant connection that they had?

How does love become broken? Because it is so fragile, unassuming and taken for granted until you see it shattered before you. Ben and Cathy are an enviable couple, with a past that started off in an exciting accidental meeting. Lately though, life is challenging them both and somewhere along the line they start to struggle to keep it together, on the surface though all seems well.

Then along comes Arsen, a cocky, assertive spoilt playboy that's been sent to learn essential life lessons by working in his fathers company. Circumstances place both Cathy and Arsen in compromising moments, but Cathy is determined not to jeopdise her marriage to the love of her life.

An awesome story once the book focuses solely on being in the present. The angst, deception and trust play out thick and fast. This didn't worry me, cause I was just caught up in the moment, each action was understandable or forgive able at one point, collectively not so.

An emotional ending, which left me with a question or two and I wonder if there isn't the opportunity for another book so épée can continue to read about Arsen...