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Beyond Pain (Beyond, #3) - Kit Rocha Don't mistake my 3 star rating as a negative, it was more driven by my reflections as to the length of time it took for me to read to and how easily I put it aside to read other books in between.

I felt for 6 and Bren, they are so alike in many ways but at the same time polarised by their past experiences. 6 seemed and she clearly implied that she was being under utilised in sector 4 and that's kind of how it read too. I wished she would have had more of an opportunity to take a leading role instead of seemingly shelved out of the way, being handled with kid gloves for the majority of the book. When she did take the lead taking on the guy in the cage and getting him to tap out she was awesome!

Bren was portrayed as caring in his POV, 6 as passionate in hers. It was easy to connect to both the characters, but I just wished we could have more depth to the story (even though there was a lot going on). The trouble in sector 3, proved to be an issue for both of them and brought their issues to the surface. We get the opportunity to understand 6 in this book as you would expect, being an easy character to read about and emphasise with. She provides an interesting contrast to the other personalities in sector 4 and yet still assimilates quite well with the others through their acceptance and possible ambivalence to her choices.

I enjoyed this book, pleased I've read it and I am still 100% invested in this series! Definitely keen to read on!