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 I love to get lost in a good book, especially ones that challenge and allow you to escape into another world!

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Unattainable - Madeline Sheehan An Edgy, raw and compelling story. I only wished I'd read the first two books in the series to get me in the right head space before embarking on Unattainable. In the first couple of chapters, I must admit to feeling a bit lost, trying to get my head back into the Horseman's MC but then all of a sudden I was there! Not a lot seems to run smooth for Deuce and that's especially the case when it comes to Cage, his son and heir to the gavel. Tegan still carries the hurt from Cage's throw away line to her all those years back, he on the other hand just sees it as a glitch on his radar. Both seem to try to block out their emotions, sometimes successfully, other times not so, all the time trying desperately not to be the person they each dread becoming..

I cracked up at the humour /sarcasm that breaks up the serious drama from time to time surrounding the club. And there sure is some drama! In essence, there is at least two story lines interweaving between chapters, both situations worked well together and I was totally invested in both. Dirty & Ellie focus on their past struggles while trying to exist in the present. Cage &Tegen can't stand to be together and can't stand to be apart and Deuce does as much as he can to keep that distance happening. ZZ plays a pivotal role again and I'm keen to see more of him in future books, he's an interesting character, that I still feel has more of a story to tell.

A somewhat complicated world that runs with seemingly black and white rules. When the plot gets serious, it gets SERiOUS and the unfolding drama is in no way sanitised. Dialog between characters is straight talking, with no sugar coating! Can't wait for the next book, I just need to add a reminder that I think a re read of the last three books would be a good lead in to the next one in this series :)