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Beyond Control - Kit Rocha Tossing up between 4 and 5 stars? Sector 4 knows no boundaries when it comes to control nor sex and its all there. Strangely romance is entwined within Beyond Control, not your sweet HEA kind, but it's still there amongst lots of steamy moments.

"I'll be any man you want. A king or a beggar, or a farmer, or a killer. But I'll never be the man that can let you walk away"

Dallas and Lexi rule sector 4, Dallas doubts he will ever control Lexi , she taunts him, he frustrates her and they really need to sit down and talk it out, but if you have to tell someone how they should behave and then when the do so,you'll never know whether it is genuine or just to appease. Now that's the essence of the stand off between Dallas and Lexi. Lexi is built of determination and resilience that even a king will struggle to control, if he does it will always be on Lexis terms and can you then call that control? Sector 4 has become her family and her home, which can just make some decisions so hard. I relish the fact that Lexi is a strong but caring character, not one to be manipulated or one to turn her resolve around in a moment of weakness. She flirts with danger that's laced with desire. Lexi certainly has sector 4 impressed and entertained.

I thought that we'd have more interference from sector 2, but beyond control was about redefining control of sectors, power and relationships. Not a story for everyone, it's got it all, from threesomes, to all in parties, they celebrateg with ink, booze, fighting and voyerism. Interesting tease at the end for Beyond Pain, it seems that we'll hear more from 6, who is still very guarded and starting to find herself slipping into a trusting bond with Bren, much against her better judgement!