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The Gamble (Colorado Mountain, #1) - Kristen Ashley Wow, that was one mammoth read! i loved it, but I have to come clean and admit to being a big KA fan :)
The heroine of this book is Nina, who has spent most of her life living in England but life has brought her to the point where she needs tomstepma side to step aside and consider her future. At the moment, that involves a sensible fiancé and a life that she doesn't think will give her any heartache. What Nina decides is a getaway in the Colardo Mountains in a beautiful AFrame will be just the space she needs.

In a short two weeks, Nina finds herself in the bussom of a small mountain community, knee deep in drama, surrounded by mostly beautiful caring people, but people that know when she is about to sneeze or even thinking about sneezing! It is a community that looks out for their own and is very welcoming to Nina and those that come in the same vane. Add to that drama involving everything from attacks to funerals, shopping to fancy dinners, bar room antics that usually start off fun, but end up with ice packs and that's only the highlights!

What makes this such an enjoyable story is not just about Nina but those that surround her. KA takes the time to give you a good understanding of each character and weaves them all in to the story beautifully. As usual, there's the alpha men, who communicate in various ways that can be described as frugal, leaving the recipient in no doubt as to the implied meaning. Max, being a born and bred mountain man makes Nina's getaway a gamble and her throws of the dice have not rolled in her favour yet, it will take a lot of convincing for Nina to even pick up those dice, let alone roll them!

Had some fun moments when Nina educates her American friends to the idiosyncrasies of British terms for familiar words. As an Australian, I'd never notice these familiar words, but when you put a few of them together, I had to chuckle when it was asked do we even speak the same language! You do have to wonder sometimes :)