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Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain, #3) - Kristen Ashley Sporting a big goofy smile :D
Awesome epilogue to wind up another great Kristen Ashley story!

Lexi is way over due for some good in her world. Ty has just spent 5 years paying for a crime that he didn't commit and karma owed him five years of sunshine and retribution to balance the scales of justice. They both deserved more. The struggle to clear Ty's name takes its toll and he just has to hope that Lady Luck smiles on him. A generous man, short on words but his messages come through loud and clear. He has respect from the locals and friendships that run deep.

It's Ty and Lexie's story, true to KA alpha man form, Ty doesn't waste his time when it comes to sealing the deal with the one that catches his eye and steals his heart. In between there's lots of drama, suspense, good friends, a few laughs and of course those steamy moments. If you've enjoyed the other books in this series, Lady Luck will not disappoint.