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 I love to get lost in a good book, especially ones that challenge and allow you to escape into another world!

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Axel (Corps Security, #1) - Harper Sloan I came to this book with very high expectations, between raving reviews and 4&5 star ratings, I was keen to buy this book.

Initially I connected with Izzy in the first couple of pages, that crazy rush home through the traffic was one most of us could relate to. Where this book lost me a little was I didn't 'feel' the chemistry between Axel and Izzy. Dee and Greg, on the other hand, were sweet as was the friendship they shared.
The dream / flashback moments that were prominent in the first part of the book threw me initially and I found them a little too much! Lots of steam, but as that dissipated, the plot felt a tad thin.
Axel was definitely an alpha male, but just not my kinda book boyfriend! Each to their own :)