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 I love to get lost in a good book, especially ones that challenge and allow you to escape into another world!

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Unbreak Me - Lexi Ryan A close knit town is great when they embrace you, but when you feel there's a lot who've pigeon holed you into a category that could be titled 'married men's town bike' it's not so welcoming. Whether that's how the majority of the town view Maggie, it's how she feels. And returning to town for her sisters wedding is a request that she wouldn't refuse, her sister just means too much to her.

Asher is the bad boy that Maggie has vowed to avoid, but Asher sees beyond Maggies veil of shame and wants to get to know her better. Both Maggie and Asher have a past that define how people perceive them, a past that sometimes just keeps confronting them making change a big challenge. He has his hands full, he's not the only man with his eyes on her.

Unbreak Me, is an easy to read, quick book by that doesn't skimp on content. It delved into the emotional wall we erect in order to be the person we think we are and the strength that it takes to be true to yourself. Magpie is witty and Asher meets her wit with resolve, frustrating her beyond belief. It did have a couple of sections that seem to jump from one scene to the next, making me feel I'd missed something, but overall this was just the kind of read I was looking for!