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 I love to get lost in a good book, especially ones that challenge and allow you to escape into another world!

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Shooting Scars - Karina Halle Stopping to catch my breath! Shooting Scars began with a journey and ended on the way to another... with the cliffhanger ending was more of a 'to be continued' feel rather than absolute despair.

Ellie is Javiers 'Angel' as she is Camden's, but both see her in different lights, then there's Gus, and I think he sees her as a cherub but maybe without the innocence if that's possible? A survivor that is adept at dealing with life as it finds her, where others see her her beauty, Ellie is still searching for her true self, when she has the luxury of time to do so!

Javier seems to be playing a dark psychological game with Ellie's emotions, or is he trying to awaken the woman he loved / loves? Ellie is fighting her inner demons constantly and Javier is not helping her battle or is he? This book has me constantly double guessing, trying to figure out why, how, what and who?

I've surprisingly connected with both Javier and Camden equally throughout this book and I have no idea which is the 'better man'or should I say the 'right man' for Ellie. The lines between motives for both is blurring, as to who has Ellie's best intentions at heart. Hearts that are straining, hurting and providing the energy to push through the mayhem unleashing around them.

Shooting Scars has left me with a deeper understanding of Camden, he has had the opportunity to be more in this book. Javier in the other hand is a mystery to me, I'm still drawn to him, I think theres still so much more to know about him and Ellie's past before we can understand what drives their attraction / connection. But above all, I see Gus as fascinating quiet character and wonder if my hunch about him is correct?

Brilliant suspenseful writing that has left me craving for more. For the record, I'm team Ellie :D