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Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire One of my absolutely favourite reads! April 2nd,2013 seemed like an eternity to have to wait to read Travis's POV, but the wait was worth every minute and I'm still on a reading high as I try to share how much I enjoyed reading Walking Disaster! Unlike Beautiful Disaster where the story is told from Abby's POV, Travis shows us his caring, raw emotions that still portray him as a reactive hot headed fighter, but a fighter that feels every breath of life he and those of the ones he loves.. His mother's haunting last words dictate his survival in his testosterone filled world and applying it to the love of his life is not going to be easy! I found myself wondering if my memory had failed me, expecting to read a close retelling of Beautiful Disaster, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had to remind myself that we each see the world and situations through our own eyes. So obviously events that featured in Abby's account of their story, weren't always the focus for Travis. Travis is a walking disaster, but one you just can't help but love and hope he gets his HEA. Not one to reread books, but I could definitely see myself reaching for these books again! Loved the epilogue and acknowledgements, I felt privledged that Jamie McGuire shared with us her heartfelt thanks to so many familiar names, especially Maryse who is so responsible for my ever growing TBR list of awesome books :)