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 I love to get lost in a good book, especially ones that challenge and allow you to escape into another world!

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Lover Reborn: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
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Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry Series #2) - Simone Elkeles This series follows the Fuentes family trying to break free from a life rules by gangs. The men in the family are bad boys that strive for a better live for those they love.

Wasn't sure how the connection would be achieved between the first and second books in this series but it did perfectly. Alex and Brittany's life is continued throughout the story of Carlos. Loved the banter between characters, especially Tuck as well as Brandan and Carlos. The fun competitive nature of Carlos and Kiara's relationship provides an amusing backdrop to the plot. And I'm starting to pick up on a few Spanish words, but I don't think they're the ones that I should be learning .....lol

Enjoying how each book ends so far with a glimpse to the future, rounding the story up for me as a reader, knowing how their world has panned out.

Now for book 3 :)