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A Song for Julia - Charles Sheehan-Miles A song for Julia was not exactly what I expected, not in a bad way, just different. I deliberately read the first book in this series, as I've been caught out reading books out of order before. With the Thompson Sisters series this isn't the case, either could be read as a stand alone book. What connected both books was the sense of familiarity with the main characters and that's where I thought the book would be different. It doesn't pick up where the first book ends and you don't hear much at all about Alex, as Julia's story begins in her last year of college.

Julia's life has been carefully mapped out for her and from past experiences, it is just easier to not rock the boat. That is until she meets Crank, an up and coming punk rocker and decides to throw caution to the wind, taking a walk on the wild side. Neither having a clue where this day will take them!

Crank and Julia come from different walks of life, both baring gifts that they share with each other long the way. Life is not as easy as it appears, looking from the outside in, for more than one of the characters we meet in A Song for Julia.

A great series that won't leave you on the edge waiting for the next book!