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Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley 6 September, 2013
Tabby and Shy's story was as good the second time around :)
can't go wrong with a KA biker story!

5 April, 2013 review
Returning to the story if Tack's daughter, Tabby and the chaos mc was just as good as I anticipated. Lots of angst and bad ass men to deal with apart from Jason. Tabby is under the ever watchful eyes of Tack 's bros unbeknown to them. Keeping a young girl out of trouble who is determined to live life the fullest was going to be a major headache!
Loved the banter between those that hold Tabby dear and the way they looked out for her. Nice to see references to other characters from KAs books and even the reference to SOA, it draws upon so much of this fictional world that I enjoy loosing myself in. Now to wait for Lannie and Hop's story :