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 I love to get lost in a good book, especially ones that challenge and allow you to escape into another world!

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Lover Reborn: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
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Rocked Under (Rocked, #1) - Cora Hawkes This was my perfect first escape read for 2013!
Warning, lots of angst, but so worth it. Well how can you resist a rock singer with a smooth sexy voice that reverberates right though you and is described as sex on legs!
Emma moves from England to the US to re establish her life with her mum. Moving in with her cousin she comes across Scott Mason and thats when the fun begins. Escaping life through alcohol and dancing isn't always a fool proof plan and she skirts close to the edge on more than one occasion. Looking for love in all the wrong places, people end up hurting more than themselves, leaving behind an emotional mess. Don't let that deter you as there is lots of good moments in between to keep you wanting more.
A great read that doesn't leave you with a cliff hanger of an ending. Loved this book and excited to have book# 2 to look forward to :)