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 I love to get lost in a good book, especially ones that challenge and allow you to escape into another world!

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On Every Street  - Karina Halle A short read that has just left me craving more of Ellie's story. Having read Sins and Needles first,I was concerned about picking up Ellie's story within a timeline based a lot earlier than where Sins and Needles commenced, but i was not disappointed, as it turned out to be the perfect reading order! Ellie becomes Eden and as Eden she seeks revenge for the animal that scarred her as a child, but she is sidetracked by not being prepared for what it will take to avenge her wrongdoings. Her chosen 'mark' Javier is a smooth complicated character and not what she expected. The challenge now is to maintain her focus and follow Gus's rules, but he has warned her, it may not bring her the solace she seeks. A life lesson that can not be taught, only experienced first hand. Ellie will need all of her inner strength to exist in this world of lies and deceit that she has been born into. Now I'm torn between wanting to find out what transpired in her life between Javier and Camden or if I want to jump back in to where we left her in Sins and Needles!