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 I love to get lost in a good book, especially ones that challenge and allow you to escape into another world!

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Rock Chick Regret - Kristen Ashley My first encounter with the Rock Chicks! They're solid, loving, opinionated, resourceful, sometimes over the top but a girl couldn't ask for a better group of friends :). But I do admit to squirming a little before the 'talks' .....I was summoning the Ice Queen for Sadie!

Then there's the 'Hot Bunch' so aptly named....and what can you say? Nothing you just melt ;)

Sadie discovers a world that she thought didn't exist beyond her protective wall of 'ice'. I wanted the protection of the Ice Queen, she was safe but safe isn't always living. The Ice Queen came into being to help Sadie cope with being the daughter of one of the Mr Bigs in the criminal world, a father that has dictated her life and got her to the point where she is willing to help the man who's trying to bring him down.

Hector tries to make amends for not being there for Sadie, but he has to get her drop her defences! Good luck! those defences have served her well for 19 years and she's not going to let them down easy. Hector isn't without back up though, he's one of the hot bunch, who are connected to the rock chicks, then there's his family....his Mother comes to mind. Hehe.....feeling slightly surrounded? Sadie had my sympathy as she tried to juggle this crazy world she'd stepped into.

Sadie needs help and she uses her knowledge inherited from her father to seek help. We needs help to protect her from the mess she is now in as the prized princess of her father's infamous world. Never a dull moment as she takes one day at a time, craving for a day without drama!

Thank God for Buddy and Ralphie! Those guys are the best, gentle, loving, giving and sweet! They were my favourite couple in this story :)

Drama, angst, steam and lots of love come together in another great KA read!