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Rock Chick Reckoning - Kristen Ashley In Rock Chick Reckoning, Stella and Mace's story is told. Stella is in a popular local rock band, where some of the group keep Stella busy keeping them and sometimes getting them out of trouble. This leaves her little time for much else, including a relationship, apart from her loyal dog.

It's been a year since her and Mace broke up and it hit her hard at the time. Not wanting to ever to experience the pain of loosing someone special in her life again, she tries her best when a situation of the Rock Chick variety comes her way and puts her in the care of Mace again.

Mace wants nothing more than to keep her safe, but that's not happening according to Stella. Oh well, weve heard that before :) Of course, a Nightingale employee seems to struggle with the concept of 'I don't think so, not going to happen'.

Mace and Stella both hold back from people to sustain their sanity, so you can imagine the angst and frustration of those that pick up on the lack of sharing. Totally unheard of in the well monitored Rock Chick World, LOL!

It's another fun, angsty, story laced with alpha protectors, a crazy barista, an action packed book shop, familiar characters including the 'supportive' Rock Chicks, underworld guys and of course family dramas! There's also the deeper background that goes into tragedy, forgiveness, being nurtured and of course the importance of taking care of those you love.

Music plays a major facet in Stella's world, and I took KA's suggestion on board and listened to the songs as they were mentioned throughout the book. It did provide a depth to Stella's character that helped you to connect with her headspace. Not only that but now I've added a few more songs to my play lists!

Throughput the story, updates are included from the couples that featured in previous books and its great to remain connected to them all. Some really touching moments and the epilogue takes you 5 years down the track and all I can say is that you get the picture that there's never a quiet time in Denver :)

Mistakingly having read this series slightly out of order, Reckoning is my last book until book 8 comes out. Have no doubt that this is a series that I'll love revisiting.