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Fire Inside (Chaos, #2) - Kristen Ashley Loved sharing every minute with Lanie and Hop, Fire Inside didn't disappoint and questions were answered and answers sat well with me:)
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Review added 2nd June, 2013p

ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.

There's some movies, tv series and music that allows you to escape into another world and you can watch them again and again. I get that with a Kristen Ashley book as well and Fire Inside was no exception!

It's a complicated proposition Lani puts to Hop and he has 15 minutes to accept the Lady's offer. And what an offer that is! he's torn between the rights and wrongs of even considering what Lani is suggesting. They'd be playing with fire and theres a good chance someone could get burnt!

Sworn off relationships, Lani thinks she has a short term solution. Hop disagrees. Lani has it all planned, it's simple but there's unknown factors and that's where it will involve 'complicated'. Family is everything to Hop and this will put loyalties into question for both of them.

Hop is a man that has many strings to his bow, talents that should be patented. He brings a new level of meaning to the word 'WOW'....hehe. A seasoned biker that has a history but knows 'good' when he comes across it and his techniques could sway the most guarded woman. Music inspiration via Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band was awesome!

In that familiar Kristen Ashley style, we get the blunt one word sentence dialogues, to the long jaw dropping explanations, that make you spin around and absorb the silence that the words command. The second book in the Chaos series had me lapping up all that is Chaos and Kristen Ashley. I loved the cameo appearances of Vance and Elvira, believably positioned within the story, having me forget for a moment that they are all characters.

The story focuses on Lani and Hop and the intensity that surrounds them. Although they come from very different backgrounds and still do, neither have an issue with this. both are accepting but surprisingly quick to jump to conclusions when they have their backs up.

Initially, I was disappointed not to have more of Tabby and Shy's story, but before i knew it I became so absorbed in Lani and Hop that I got over it quickly.

Love the way we 'feel' each character. Enjoyed the alpha attitude. Admired the determination and strength in the women. Embraced the loyalty, love and care that Chaos MC have for each other. Appreciated the easing down of the epilogue. And excited to know I have more to look forward to in the Chaos series!