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Surviving Raine - Shay Savage

Surviving Raine is not what I expected from the blurb, it was so much better than I anticipated!


Bastian has experienced, acted and seen atrocities that most people only meet in their darkest nightmares. He is cold and distant, removing himself from society as much as one can, he goes between captaining his ship, the bottom of a bottle, smokes and paid women....may have missed a vice or two, but you get the picture, he's got that angle well and truly covered.! Raine on the other hand has had enough and has been persuaded to splurge on a cruise to signify leaving a troubled past behind and start life anew. In hindsight, there may have been an easier way!

Two people poles apart in more ways than one, or so they think. Bastian will be pushed to the edge of his limits of his patience and endurance. They are both challenged beyond their wildest dreams / nightmares. Drawing on their past, they utilise the skills they have acquired to help them survive what appear an impossible situation to the fullest.

Told from Bastian's POV, which gives you his blunt, cutting, raw edge the majority of the time but every now and then he lets his guard down and you see more than he intends you to. Self expression is not an art he has utilised a lot in the past and he doesn't want to start now!

It's a story of survival on all levels with a twist at the end, which leads to think we might be lucky enough for this to go beyond Surviving Raine! Not quiet sure if the final scene is a cliff hanger or merely affirmation of what you fear. It could be the acknowledgement of achievement through resentment or a glimpse of more to come.

I feel limited in singing the praises of this book without the inclusion of spoilers. This is a book you really just have to take the gamble on and read it, I did and am so glad I did!