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Freeing Asia

Freeing Asia - E.M. Abel

2.5 -3 stars

I liked this story but I found it hard to connect with Asia, one minute she was lost, the next she's reborn then she's reverting to back to the girl she was! It wasn't as if each transition wasn't backed up within the story, it was more the case that each time I could see it coming.


Asia has just come out of an epic man draught and unintentionally seems to be making up for what's been missing in her life. This means the story is not short of lusty moments! What I was missing was the plot being fleshed out a bit more. Maybe if i had, i would have had a bettor chance off connecting with Asia, Jay and Marcus! This story involves Asia learning to be the woman she is and in turn 'freeing' her from her past, it leads her to edging on to be outwardly someone she is not.


Who I did instantly connect with was Nick! Every girl needs an awesome colleague /friend like him..and I 'got' him from the word go. He made the story for me and I would love for his story to come out in another book!


With the book being 400 pages long, I still had no trouble finishing it quickly. It's an easy read, that so many others are raving about. It has a sweet epilogue, but again even though it highlights how far Asia has come in her life, it's a certain someone else (no not Nick haha) that steals the show! I'll definitely consider looking out for Nick's story if it comes out, even though for me, this wasn't the 5 star read I'd anticipated.