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A Little Too Far

A Little Too Far  - Lisa Desrochers

Wow! A solid 5 stars from me!

Lexi certainy has an interesting attraction to men that most would consider taboo. A step brother! No, let's trump that with a trainee priest! This scenario almost had me thinking, "I don't think so' but then I thought again and took the plunge, it couldn't be that awkward could it?
"Greater sins have been perpetrated, I'm quite sure" 
I had no problem seeing, feeling and wanting what Lexi did. I agonised with her as she struggled with her fears, empathised with her desires to the point of not knowing which path I wanted her to take! Neither seemed easy, the fallout from either could be insurmountable but I was hoping at least one scenario was possible.
As the book progresses, I found it interesting that there were two love triangles emerging, one where all the participants seemed to be potentially 'polite' and the other 'volatile'. It was the subdued triangle that drew me in, it had to be one or the other but I couldn't decide which I wanted it to be. Both situations though were entwined with the forbidden fruit they were trying so hard to not succumb to.
Friendship seemed to be the price of love, a price too high to pay. A love that would be difficult to share openly, potentially scorned by those that you hold dear. How do you live without love though? It didn't take long before this became a book I didn't want to it down, it held me captured on so many levels. 
Throughout the book, it had me cringing, laughing, swooning, mesmerised and  wanting more!
This review was originally posted on goodreads with hidden spoilers, which have been removed as I still haven't worked out how to 'hide' them on booklikes.